Blog Neglect

I apologize for the neglect. Between a cold, two seasons of Dexter, and painting projects I've been booked. I've been sketching new demons that should be ready to withstand daylight sometime soon.



New iPad Figure Work

Here are some ten minute monsters and a fairy from a one hour pose.

ten minute monsters



New Website Design

I have just finished doing a complete redesign of my site. I think it's time to take it back to a theme based on my favorite color- black. Some of my older work has not been uploaded yet. But there's a portfolio section and some new info sections as well as links to other sites I use. More content will be coming soon. Any feedback you have about it would be great to hear.

I would love to do more now, but it's time for figure drawing. I have lived in NYC off and on for six years and have never done sketch night at the Society of Illustrators. Tonight I am going to finally check it out.


Art at the Art Student's League of New York

Two of my digital figure drawings are on display in the gallery at the Art Students League of New York.


10 minute monsters

These were done during ten minute short poses during today's figure drawing session.

monster experiment finished

Here is a sketch showing the model's pose and then the final of the monsterized version.


New Post By This Evening

Yesterday was spent updating Deviantart and making prints. And then I got distracted trying to make a twisted drawing of Brittney Spears because so many people are excited about her new album on Twitter. I just find that disturbing. However my drawing turned out even uglier than I expected. It's something in-between a dominatrix and an 80s workout video. Truly frightening and I didn't even add leg warmers. The true nature of Brittney shows itself. Anyway I was so repulsed I gave up on drawing for the day.

So this morning I will be figure drawing at the Art Student's League. Later on I will have time to post the conclusion of the monsterous transformation of our poor figure model.


new monster experiment

I really enjoy figure drawing on the iPad. But sometimes I am just in the mood to do a monster. So today I decided to try something a little different and draw the model as a monster. This is my four eyed three armed figure model after one session. I will refine this drawing more and post it soon.