Bug Beast

Another rough sketch of a bug beast. Legends of Norrath Set 15, Debt of the Ratonga releases December 4. I will be posting some art done for the set after the release on my website karichristensen.com


iPad sketch

I started this spider creature on the iPad while waiting at a restaurant. I used Artstudio and a jot stylus.


Happy Halloween!

I've been busy with projects and waiting for permission to post new art.  Here, in honor of my favorite time, is one of my favorite things, Night on Bald Mountain from the film Fantasia. You might want to move to 1:15 and skip the boring introduction, sadly the imps stop frolicking at 9:00.

Illuxcon is a little over a week away! Then the true demonic rumpus will begin in the sleepy town of Altoona....


Lots of Art Happenings in New York City this week.

Last night I went to figure drawing at the Brooklyn Artist's Gym with Jeff Faerber. Luckily Jeff keeps me informed about cool stuff happening around the city. I've been really busy working on some fun deadlines so it's difficult to pry me out of the studio.

However who can pass up Saber Sketch with the New York Jedi? Yep, you are not imagining things. Here's a youtube preview. I've never been before, but I'm afraid I might like it. It's going down Thursday night March 8th from 7 to 10 at the Art Students League of New York.

Unfortunately, at the exact same time one of my favorite artists Odd Nerdrum is having an opening at the Forum Gallery. The Forum and the League aren't too far from each other so I might go crazy and try to do both.


Oh no but wait there's more Volta NY and The Armory Show are also going on Thursday. But those go through the 11th so I will probably catch those on another day. Let me know if you'll be at any of these events.

twitter: @kariartwork


Digital Artist Magazine issue 29 fantasy art on the iPad

I had a great time working with April Madden, the editor of Digital Artist Magazine on a fantasy iPad art tutorial. The issue just went on sale yesterday. And if you want to download it to your iPad, it goes live tomorrow.



New iPad Stylus

I ordered a Jot stylus at the beginning of the year and it's great! I can see much better when I'm drawing or using the lasso tool.

Here's the stylus maker's website. http://adonit.net/

You can also order the stylus through Amazon.


Apparently Adonit is working on a pressure sensitive version that looks very promising.