Finally a Cintiq 12 WX replacement

A month ago I was going to buy a Cintiq 12 WX. After using both a modbook and a retina macbook pro I was tired of  making sure files were transferred when working off site. Also the 16 gigs of RAM, quad core, SSD drive, and highly superior graphics card on the macbook pro really make a difference. But after calling around only B&H photo and the Wacom store had them in stock. A couple weeks ago they went out of stock on Wacom's site. I thought I was in for a long wait. However Wacom has announced a long overdue upgrade of the 12 WX, the 13 HD! The resolution will be higher and I'm really hoping the screen will be brighter. The announcement was made on the european Wacom estore so hopefully they will be announced on the U.S. site soon.

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